Pivotal Cards

Sadly this bookmarklet longer works thanks to pivotal hiding their JavaScript code and blocking clients from using the API from their own domain..

You might instead like to look at one of server-side versions of this project such as card-omatic (JordanHatch/card-o-matic) or bewt85/print-pivotal-cards.

It was nice while it lasted ..

Printable index cards for your Pivotal Tracker project.

  1. Drag the pivotal-cards bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar,

    Pivotal Index Cards Bookmarklet

  2. Run the bookmark from within a pivotal project page.

    Pivotal Index Cards

  3. Print on A4 in landscape mode, cut and and fold in half:

    Pivotal Cards

  4. Fork me on github!

Made by psd for Gov.UK and inspired by David.